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This page was originally about me just trying to get through life. I am now determined to work really hard on living life to the full. SO, this is now a page about my journey into the film world. I am setting a goal to get to Los Angeles, CA in 2014 to begin auditioning and training for film.

The Baseline Costs are…

In order to move to LA
Emergency Fund

Moving Expenses
$250 gas to get to LA
$80 hotel for one night stay somewhere between Colorado and LA
$100 food on trip there

Living Expenses That I should have as well(first two month)
$2500 move in price(first and last months rent) (Or roommate/staying with someone else)
$1250 second months rent(or stay with someone else)
$400 utilities(Or roommates/staying with someone else)
$300 gas(so that I can afford to travel to auditions and job interviews)
$100 audition/interview outfit
$348 2 months of car payments
$50 2 months of care credit
$100 2 months of internet(under contract)
$500 food for two months
$510 student loan payments

Ideally costs that would be included are:
$18,000 for Holywood Acting Studio-a training program that would enable to make connections, learn how to excel at my faith and my job as an actress, and get involved in the business.
As much living expenses  as possible to get me started, so that I could work limited hours-leaving time open for acting auditions and jobs.

If you would like to support me on this endeavor, please donate, any little bit helps!


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